Mike Tate Takes the Reins at NCC

Mike Tate Takes the Reins at NCC

全国棉花委员会主席的角色在某些方面可以是一个骰子。这个职位有一年的期限限制,and all years are not created equally.Some Chairmen inherit well publicized challenges – like Ron Craft,who took over in 2018 as the industry was staring down the creation of a new Farm Bill.

You might think that this year's chairman,Alabama producer and ginner Mike Tate,who was elected in February at the NCC Annual Meeting in San Antonio,would have an easy time of it then.That legislation was passed months ago,毕竟。But if you think he'll be kicking his feet up for this term,你完全搞错了。


There's the important task of implementing that new Farm Bill.Disaster relief will be a major objective coming off a tumultuous 2018 growing season.而且,among a whole host of other challenges,全球舞台上正在上演动荡的贸易争端,which the National Cotton Council will seek to impact positively in 2019.

All of these important tasks might seem overwhelming for a single man or even a single organization.但泰特说,多年来,国家控制委员会已经证明了它相当有能力影响变革。That's the reason he's so excited to be leading the organization in 2019.

"I followed in my father's footsteps when it comes to involvement in associations," Tate says."I had opportunities to be involved in many different farm organizations,but what I saw with the National Cotton Council was an organization that has made the most difference for our farm," he says.

“我把国家棉花委员会看作是一个完成了任务的组织。And that's the reason I chose to get involved and stay involved."

Still,帮助解决中国贸易争端的任务——以及,in doing so,增加对美国棉花的需求是令人望而生畏的。Tate,though,仍然有信心,NCC可以是一个积极的力量,在持续的辐射。

泰特说:“我们正在与美国贸易代表联系。”"(NCC Vice President,Washington Operations) Reece Langley is certainly in contact with them,trying to relay to them what's happening in the betway排球cotton industry,我们的问题是什么,我们需要什么样的解决方案来帮助我们的棉花产业。betway排球

“交流一直在进行,working in that arena and trying to have some influence on the decisions that are made."

Well Suited for the Job

Like so many of his predecessors,泰特作为NCC主席的一段时间里一直被塑造成棉花行业的一员。betway排球

Born in Huntsville,AL,Tate has been farming his entire life.His father grew his first crop in 1946,迈克从职业生涯开始就在同一片土地上和周围耕种。

He says he only ever left the farm for a brief stint to attend classes at Auburn University,where he set out to study agronomy.但迈克在大学第一次秋季就有20英亩的土地投入生产,betway斯诺克很快,他决定在离农场更近的地方上学,会得到更好的服务。所以他报名参加了阿拉巴马州的A&M考试——这是一个离家仅5英里的地方。

Tate Farms has always been a family operation.Mike was the oldest of four brothers,and together they formed a partnership in 1987.从那时起,人员有了一些变化,但农场仍在家庭手中,as Mike works in conjunction with his brothers Jeff and Steve,as well as Steve's son-in-law Stewart McGill,and a nephew,Hunter Tate。

"Back in the early years we were probably around 80% to 90% cotton," Tate says."But recently we've gone to one-third in cotton with one-third in corn and another one-third in wheat or beans.A diverse crop mix is so much better for our soil and betway斯诺克production going forward."

Today,cotton remains the principal crop in a sprawling 6,000-acre operation that Tate and his brothers have grown consistently over the years.除了生产性农业外,betway斯诺克泰特还是棉花种植者合作轧棉厂和仓库的总裁。他还对泰特农场的“采棉南瓜”感兴趣,an agri-tourism operation that allows visitors to see how modern farming works.

"When we started the pumpkin patch 22 years ago,we were trying to do two things," Tate says.“一,我们正在寻找另一个收入来源,哪一个,surprisingly,worked out better than we imagined.但我们要做的第二件事是让公众更多地了解农业,并给他们一个在农场工作的机会。

"We want them to see that farming is not this bad thing that some people might try to paint it as."

The Challenge Ahead

他参与了很多不同的冒险活动,it's a wonder Tate has time to step away from the farm as often as he will be called to do during his year as NCC Chairman.There will be numerous trips – to places like Washington D.C.and eventually to China.幸运的是,泰特有他信任的家人在他不在的时候照顾他。

"That's a big factor," he says."I have partners at home who are able to continue our operations as they should be running.没有他们我做不到。They and the people who work with us,many of them have been with us for years.They're very dependable."


"I've gotten to visit with every type of business from all sides of the industry – mills,仓库,gins,manufacturers," he says."Through my work in things like the Cotton Leadership program and over the years being involved with NCC,我已经开始和所有的部分互动了。

“所以,I do feel like I have good understanding of the industry and what the issues are for all of the segments,to some degree.My job is to try to do my best for the whole industry.我不仅仅是种植者,也不仅仅是轧棉厂。I'll be representing all of them."

Cotton GrowerMagazine – March 2019